images come from memories of places or events and they become a reference that provide a reassuring feeling of time continuity. They create a sense of comfort that eases the stress of life’s fragility as an illusion of immortality. They become structures of transition to a different reality and to another way of seeing and thinking where mind-body and soul coexist.

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Le immagini nascono da ricordi di posti e avvenimenti e diventano un riferimento che procura un senso rassicurante di continuita’ del tempo. Creano un senso di conforto che attenua la preoccupazione della fragilita’ della vita quasi come fossero un’ illusione di immortalita’.  Le immagini diventano strutture di transizione a una realtà' diversa e ad un altro modo di vedere e di pensare, dove mente, anima e corpo coesistono.

 The Path of Memory, 2014, and The Structure of Memory 2009

The Path of Memory, 2014, and The Structure of Memory 2009

In the path of memory each individual's unique trace runs parallel to and crosses the paths of others as they move through time, creating a memory  structure that influences events in our lives, our culture, our history. Along that path of memory its structure and lessons are reflected in our choices, thoughts, and actions. If we believe that our path of memory begins at birth, grows wide and deep in the mind, and ends when life ends, the question is: “Can memories live outside our minds? And how?”

 Geyser, 2013

Geyser, 2013


The series “Material Splendor,” explores the four classical natural elements (earth, water, fire, and air) and their manifestations:  rocks, shells, vapors, liquids, gasses, and all that is visible and tangible. The work captures the mental process and the philosophical and psychological explorations that create and define the dream-like images in this series.

“Metamorphosis 5” is inspired by the beauty and dancing energy of fire in multiple hues and consistencies. The circular forms reflect the constant cycle of creation and destruction.The imagined spectacle of the flame changes, and blends with the earth or with the air, and when extinguished returns to them for continuity.

“Metamorphosis 4” postulates a remote space beyond our heliosphere in which alternating depths of darkness and light delineate imagined transformations of visible and dark matter, energy, time and space itself.

Even through its many changes, all of nature will continue to exist; therefore the nature of matter is immortal, even if it were reduced to a single speck of dust. A rock is washed by a river (water), sculpted by wind (air) or liquefied in volcanic transformation (fire), yet still retains its essence as a part of earth.

“Geyser 1” and “Geyser 2” try to capture the surreal mood I felt last fall when visiting Yellowstone National Park. The silvery light grays, deep blues, and purplish pink reflect the amazing natural phenomenon of vapors, steam, and hot water shooting out from within the earth.

The continuity of the universe is reality—birth as  the beginning of life and death as its end are only human conventions, as is the apparently irreversible flow of time. All is, was, and will be forever. The illusion of the linear life is not the reality. Instead, life is a sequence of ephemeral events, and measured time is the tool we have created to organize them.

Consciousness is part of that continuum, and that is why it cannot be extinguished:  it is already part of the whole. Each person’s consciousness existed before birth and continues after death but in different forms, each of which is part of the whole, the continuum. The images in this show are about change, transformation, metamorphosis.